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Lisbon Aeroporto da Portela

Portugal's largest international airport is the Aeroporto da Portela (IATA: LIS). It is located between Loures and Lisboa. Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, Tel: +350 (21) 841-3000, Fax: +351 (21) 841-3675,

It is the main air hub for TAP Portugal , a Star Alliance member airline that covers an extensive network throughout Europe, Africa (Morroco, Algerie, Senegal, Guine Bissau, Mozambique, South Africa, Angola, Cape Verde, S. Tome e Principe) and the Americas (US, Venezuela and Brazil). SATA (Air Açores) provides seasonal service to eastern North America (Boston, Montreal and Toronto).

There are also several other airlines flying into Lisbon, such as Continental Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, Air France, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Finnair, Iberia, Easyjet and KLM.
[edit] Getting from/to the airport

* Aerobus (line 91) links the airport to the city center. It departs every 20 minutes 7AM-9PM. Aeroshuttle (line 96) links the airport to the city centre via the Sete Rios bus station and the Financial district. Tickets on both cost €3.50 and are valid on all public transportation lines, such as buses and surface trams (but not for metro) for one day. Or take the bus 745 fom Airport to city center for only 1.45

* Bus lines 5, 8, 22, 44, 45, 83. Board fare is €1.45. 7 Colinas transport card (see "Get around" section) can be used which can be bought at the airport post office.

* Taxis cost about €10.00 from the airport to the city center. Charge is according to the meter, adding €1.20 per item of luggage. As with many cities, watch out for dishonesty and if you think you are being charged significantly more (paying €45 to get into the city but only €6 back to the airport is not unheard of) ask for their number and a receipt, and make it clear you plan to complain. To avoid fraud, you can buy a taxi-voucher in the airport (€18 - a lot more than the average real meter price) which is good to go anywhere in the center, with luggage. Make sure to ask the driver how much he estimates the fare will be before getting in the taxi, which will diminish the chance for a surprise bounce in the price.

If arriving by plane in Lisbon, it is better to use public transport to your hotel or final destination, instead of taxis. The airport information desk at Lisbon airport can provide you with all the required information. Taxi drivers at the taxi stand at Lisbon are very infamously unreliable and if they can rip you off, they will. If you do not speak Portuguese or if you don't know the shortest way to your destination, do not use a taxi. If your final destination is less than 1 mile from the airport, taxi drivers will refuse to take you although they are not allowed to refuse destinations. If you insist in taking the taxi, the driver might abuse you verbally and try to rip you off. You may also request for a car rental services at the airport or an airport transfer which are provided on all airports in Portugal and Islands.

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